Sean's Story

Helping Sean get a comfortable night’s sleep with the Sleepform System

Sean’s posture and stability are severely compromised by musculo-skeletal deformities of his trunk and limbs. He therefore needs a 24 hour postural care programme. Sean spends his day supported in a moulded seat set in a tilt in space wheelchair, and at night uses the Sleepform System to maintain this level of postural support.

Clinical Assessment

Sean has Cerebral Palsy affecting his whole body. He has no trunk control or sitting balance and only restricted use of his head.
Sean has;

  • A Scoliosis concave to the right side with a Cobb angle of over 90°
  • Pelvic obliquity related to the above
  • Right hip in process of subluxation
  • Flexion contractures of hips, knees and wrists (left)


The primary aim of Sean’s sleep system, comprising of two mattresses velcroed together, is to improve the alignment of his pelvis when in bed, reduce pressure areas and improve comfort. 

  • The first mattress was moulded to correct Sean’s spinal position as much as possible by elongating the right side and providing support to the costal angle of the rib cage.  It re-aligned Sean’s pelvis by de-rotating it when in supine and this helped level out the obliquity. This mould also accommodated his upper limbs and shoulder girdle in the most neutral position possible.
  • The second mattress was shaped to align Sean’s legs in midline while accommodating his hip and knee contractures. It also kept his heels clear from the bed, reducing friction and the risk of pressure damage. It was moulded into an ‘E’ shaped top to provide a substantial pommel and prevent wind-sweeping.


The Sleepform System, comprising of two sleepform mattresses, has enabled Sean to sleep all night without the need for re-positioning.  He has had no problems with skin breakdown or pressure areas. His alignment is much improved with his scoliosis being well supported.

Sean himself is very comfortable and will often indicate that he wishes to lie longer in bed on non-school days.


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