Sophia's Story

Sophia’s Squiggles Seat grows with her while giving support for feeding and table top activities

Sophia is a two year old little girl with polymicrogyria, a condition where the surface of her brain has developed too many folds which are unusually small. In Sophia’s case, this means she has fluctuating tone, epilepsy, is registered blind, and is PEG fed. Her multiple needs mean that she needs a seat which is both supportive and comfortable.

Clinical Assessment

When we first met Sophia with her parents in April 2013, she was just 11 months old. On assessment, her pelvis was posteriorly tilted and had very little anterior tilt. Hip and knee range of movement was adequate, but as a result of her posterior pelvic tilt, she adopted a kyphotic seated posture. Sophia's pelvis is also slightly rotated to the left and when corrected, she has a slight windsweep to the right. Sophia has a preferred head tilt to the left, but can correct with a little prompting.


Sophia was assessed in the Leckey Squiggles Seat because of the high level of postural support it offers, and the particular features considered relevant for Sophia:
• The 4-point pelvic harness for pelvic alignment and stability;
• Contoured back support to accommodate Sophia’s flexed posture;
• Adjustability for growth;
• Tray for table top activities;
• Tilt-in-space for alternate positioning during PEG feeding.


Sophia has been using the Squiggles Seat successfully since May 2013, and it has been readjusted twice since then (October 2013 and April 2014) for sizing!


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